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With the freshness of Spring rolling in, I was inspired to create the Creation Abstract Collection. “Creation Abstract” is a collection of paintings that were originally painted on canvas, digitized, perfected, and printed on metallic paper, giving this collection iridescent depth. A marriage of digital and modern methods, each one of these pieces represents a day of creation as mentioned in Genesis 1.

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Day 1: God spoke light into existence. The green, turquoise, yellows, and golds are a visual expression of God’s voice creating light out of deep dark nothingness. Surely, the splendor of this event surpasses the beauty of anything we can create.
Day 2: God separated the waters from the waters and created the firmament. Gold and turquoise separate as God split the two apart.
Day 3: God separated land and sea. The land is emphasized with gold while the depths of the water are emphasized by turquoise.
Day 4: God created the sun to give a bright light that was called day, and the stars and moon that we see in the night sky. In this painting, the clouds part to reveal the starry night sky behind.
Day 5: God created the birds of the sky and the fish of the sea. Life of the sky and water swarms together in deep greens and splashes of gold.
Day 6: God made people in His image and animals for us to steward and fill the earth. Emerald to jade green creates a topographic-like effect representing the creatures on the land. The gold symbolizes God’s breath in our lungs.
Day 7: God rested and everything was good. This abstract is wonderfully balanced in color and shape to represent the harmony of the Earth at that time.


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