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Hello!  This is Stephanie, the owner of WestHeir Ltd. Co., and I just wanted to share about the journey WestHeir Ltd. Co. has been on since its launch in October 2020.

If you’ve followed from the beginning, you know that WestHeir launched as a platform for my family’s artists to sell our artwork as originals and fine art prints. The goal was to give ourselves a platform and to unite under a shared inspiration of our (great) grandmother, but also to inspire the next generation of artists, and use our profits to help support art programs in underfunded public schools.

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I worked on this company for 2 years before I felt like God was telling me to step back from it. So, in November 2021 I did just that. I enjoyed my time with my family over the holidays and through our next semester of homeschool.

In February I prayed and asked God if it was time to dive back into WestHeir. I opened up the website in my browser, and as I clicked through the website, I realized something I was not able to see when I was so invested in the day-to-day workings of the company: As noble a cause as it was, my company lacked any true, meaningful purpose.

That was a crushing blow, and I took the website offline immediately. I then went to pray about what I was to do with the company from that point on. What I felt God press on my heart at that moment was that if this was going to be worthwhile, it had to be centered on Him. I thought about the gifts that God gave me, and how I could apply them to WestHeir.

First, I considered the artwork that I enjoy making. I had to make a lot of generic but trendy designs for the original version of WestHeir. Maybe this time I could do what I love to do, which is create paintings representing the times that God has shown up in my life. Over time, each of these paintings has served as a powerful reminder of those moments, especially so when life gets hard. It would be God-honoring to share this ability with others. To offer my artwork as prints and decor, and also offer my services to anyone who wants to put their testimony to canvas, paper, mug, blanket, or pillow.

In respect to the other family artists who were involved with WestHeir previously, I gave an option for them to include any artwork that they saw fit to honor God. We are still working as a team and have multiple artists on board.

Second, I thought about my other business, Happy Tiger Creations. Yes, I was running two businesses at the same time. One for selling artwork, and the other was my graphic design company, which I had maintained off and on for the last 19+ years. I felt like my perspective as a small business owner and a Christian has given me unique insight when it comes to design, and that it would be meaningful to cater to Christ-honoring companies and help them to stay inspired and shine their light in business.

Third, I have been active in apologetics and bible study for the last eight years. All of this time, I have had an idea for a Christian resource website in the back of my mind. At this point in my walk, I believe I have a level of understanding that will help other Christians develop a solid biblical worldview. I thought it would be very meaningful work to curate the blog I had already integrated into that resource blog.

After considering all these things, I prayed and asked if I should pursue this hodgepodge of a project under WestHeir Ltd. Co. Again, I felt in my heart that this was something that I should pursue as meaningful work. Thus, WestHeir Ltd. Co. was “born again” as a Christ-honoring business at every corner of its operation.

I hope that this business will reach far and wide, and I pray that the content is meaningful and goes deep. If you have any questions or are interested in any kind of art or design project, please feel free to DM me on your social media outlet of choice or email me at info@westheir.com.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you’re as excited about the future of this company as I am!

- Stephanie

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