Choose The Right Work Of Art

Art Gift Guide

Choose The Right Work Of Art

Art Gift Guide

Art is a gift that will be cherished forever. Artwork that is treasured can be passed down through the generations and become a family heirloom. Art is a gift that demonstrates that you have given careful consideration to selecting the ideal thing for that special someone, and it is a gift that will bring a smile to their face every time they see it.

Do you know someone who appears to have everything? Someone who says they don’t need anything when they’re asked? Art is the solution. It’s a luxurious gift that will add beauty to their space and make them smile every time they see it. 

If the person you’re buying a gift for is an art collector, you should buy art in the same style as their collection. Possibly from the same artists they buy from already, or a new artist they maybe have not discovered yet.


Not a collector? If you need something that speaks to the soul, look for artwork that resonates with the colors of their home, a subject matter from their childhood, or something symbolic of your relationship with them.


Are you looking for additional inspiration? Consider artwork that depicts a beloved location, animal, or overall aesthetic.  

Canvas prints make a bold statement with or without a float frame. Canvas prints are typically favored for large artwork.


Paper prints, if framed, present in a more elegant fashion. They epitomize luxury, and are a classic option at any size. 

The most popular standard art print size is 11 x 14. Prints in this size are fairly easy to find space for, frame, and hang. They’re not too big, but are large enough that they make themselves known.


Don’t limit yourself to this size alone. If you know your person has a particular spot on their wall to fill, be sure to pick what fits their needs best.

It is our opinion that framing “completes” the artwork. Framing is as crucial as the art itself. We believe this applies to both canvas and paper fine art prints.


While one can get away with not framing a canvas print, the collector will need to frame paper prints for protection and longevity. If a standard size print is bought, it should be easy to find a standard size frame in order to frame it oneself.


Alternatively, you can buy prints that are already professionally framed such as those we sell here at WestHeir. Our prints are completed with acid-free, breathable materials, and are ready to last a lifetime.

Original art is a one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable treasure. It’s a piece of history that may be passed down through the generations, and it was made by the artist themselves. Consider buying an original for a loved one who enjoys learning about the history of art and the artists who created it.

For a modest but thoughtful gift, a paper print is a lovely gift! However, if you want to add a personal touch and exuberance to your gift, consider a limited edition print. Limited edition prints come in a limited quantity, are of superior quality, and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Black Moor Goldfish Fine Art Print

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