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We are a family of artists.

Paula West

Traditional / Digital Artist

Paula’s paintings portray magnificent scenes of nature as seen through the eyes of an artist. Her gorgeous paintings portray natural beauty, light painting, and majestic nature sceneries.

She works with pastels and digitally, and the deep tones she achieves give her paintings a powerful physical presence. Her ability to portray realistic wildlife, as well as her acute eye for proportion and size, which frequently creates a sense of calm and tranquility, contributes to her presence. In the resulting artworks, traditional notions of realism are turned into a very dramatic array of light.

Stephanie Harris

Traditional / Digital Artist

Stephanie creates one-of-a-kind contemporary acrylic pour pieces that are inspired by nature. Stephanie depicts the interdependence of space, aesthetics, and balance through her spontaneous creative process, which brings each painting to life. She creates effervescent mixed media artworks that convey depth, hue, tone, and movement by noticing and creating aesthetically appealing color combinations, only utilizing an odd number of colors to maintain balance, and blending the combinations into her free-flowing contemporary techniques.


Stephanie appreciates symbolism, realism, and typography in addition to acrylic pour work. She works in a variety of media, including digital, oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, and pencil. Making art is a joy of self-expression.

Stacy’s paintings of rural countrysides, flowers, and tranquil beaches are designed to transport people back to nature’s charms. Her works have a richness and purity of color and aesthetic. Audiences have been fascinated by her nostalgic and soothing artworks.


As the viewer becomes absorbed in her paintings, they are transported to serene, ambient surroundings, allowing them to immerse themselves in the surroundings and take a respite from the daily grind.

Kevin Harris

Woodworking / inlay artist

Kevin, a self-taught woodworker/inlay artist, creates works of beauty out of specialty wood. As a result of extensive research and experience, he has a thorough understanding and command of wood carving and inlay methods and materials. Kevin creates his unique handcrafted wood engravings by manipulating surface and color with a variety of drills, woods, and fillers, then finishes them to a glossy finish.


The pieces examine cultural legacy, nature, and, most lately, the powerful minds surrounding him. Kevin’s use of painstaking precision, as well as artistic patterns, allows the viewer to meet and explore the fine detail of the final piece. The artist’s desire to push himself fuels his creative endeavors and discovery and learning serve as important motivators for him. 

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