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A quick introduction to our company.

Our Company's History


We are descendants of Louise Klyce West, a beautiful woman inside and out, and an immensely talented wildlife artist who inspired a love of art in the generations after her. The legacy she started is the legacy we are continuing: to inspire a love of art in the generations after us. 

Hello, I am Stephanie Harris, and I am the great-granddaughter of Louise West! I founded WestHeir Ltd. Co. in April 2019 in order to give our family of artists a platform to share our vision. Please join us as we share our talents and our resources to inspire and build up the next generation.

WestHeir Road Map

White Mountain Logo


To realize the credibility of the arts to the youth of today, through inspirational artwork, education, and community.


Selling superior quality fine art prints and originals to fund and build our community.


To leave a legacy of art.



As a United States Air Force veteran, Stephanie firmly believes in “integrity first.” Our artists are people of integrity, courage, and conviction. We believe in the ethic of self-control, and exercise honesty and accountability in order to do what is right even when no one is looking.


WestHeir strives for continual improvement. From supply choices to the final product, we are committed to producing only the best fine art prints and original works of fine art. The excellence we pour into our artwork is fueled by the mission to inspire the next generation.

Making A Difference

We find art education to be so important to academic accomplishment, social and emotional development, civic involvement, and equal opportunity that we are making a difference by donating 10% of our yearly profit to non-profit organizations dedicated to art education.


We understand that buying art is about more than just the art – you’re buying the artist. We are committed to expressing our authentic selves in each work of art that we create.


WestHeir does not use child labor or ask workers or private persons to do involuntary labor. All prints and goods are made using ecologically sustainable materials within the United States. WestHeir’s print studio utilizes natural substrates are used to create prints. Any unused ink is collected and disposed of properly, as required by law.

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Our Artists

Kevin Harris

Wood & Inlay

(Married into the family, but talented in his own right.)

Paula West

Traditional & Digital

(Granddaughter of Louise, lots of personal experience.)

Paula West

Traditional & Digital

(Great-granddaughter of Louise, & Owner of WestHeir)

Kevin Harris


Kevin handcrafts masterpieces out of exotic wood and pearl. He does not use CNC machines, stains or paints, but instead allows the natural beauty of each type of work to speak for itself. He is generally inspired by his love for the ocean and the great state of Texas.


Paula’s art is directly inspired by Grandmom Louise’s wildlife and landscape paintings. She loves to create paintings and digital fractal paintings of wild animals. Her favorite aesthetic, in particular, is one of white animals or landscapes with snow.


Stephanie’s favorite tools of creation are oil, acrylic, and watercolor. She typically enjoys making abstracts, wildlife paintings, whimsical art, and exploring new techniques.

Our Products + Services


Availability: Nationwide

We have our highly valued original works of art for sale on our website, as well as locally. Not all originals will become available, but when they do we will proudly announce it on our website. If you are interested in our originals, please join our newsletter on our website to get notified!

Original Works Of Art Painting Wood Oil Acrylic Board Paper


Availability: Nationwide

We offer our specially chosen artwork for sale as fine art prints online. These fine art prints are made of specialty paper that is chosen per the individual work, are giclee printed, and finished with conservation in mind. These prints are made to last two lifetimes with proper care. We also offer our fine art prints in limited edition batches, which have been enhanced as appropriate, and signed by the artist.


Availability: Local Austin / San Antonio Area

Kevin creates as he’s inspired, but he also enjoys helping you solve your problem. Do you need a unique piece for your space? He is able to work with you to create exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you want to take your work desk to the next level with an inlay logo, customize your guitar’s fret board, or add texture to your home decor with wood art, he’s ready to help.

Kevin Harris Cutting Fish
Black Fern Fine Art Print


Availability: Nationwide

The same brilliance we bring to fine art printing we can bring to your personal work as well. We will print your work on the specialty paper of your choice, and then we will do the mounting, backing, framing, and glazing (we call all of this ‘finishing’) as it applies, for you!


Do you have an original artwork, design, or photo that you would like to mount, frame, or glaze? We would love to help you! Would you like to do it yourself? We can send you the supplies!


Availability: Nationwide, On-Site Services In Austin Metropolitan Area

We have been commissioned to do many projects in the past. Sentimental paintings for the home, themed paintings for the office, and visionary murals for the church are some of our favorite examples. Have a project that needs an artist’s touch? Lets chat!

Projects that require us to be on-site must be located in the Austin Metropolitan area. Projects that do not require us to be on-site and can be shipped are available nationwide.

Colors Of San Antonio Wall Mural By Stephanie Harris
Colors Of San Antonio Wall Mural By Stephanie Harris
This mural of the San Antonio Skyline painted by Stephanie Harris can be seen at Freedom Life Church in San Antonio, Texas


Availability: Local Austin / San Antonio Area

Collaborations: WestHeir is interested in collaborating with other artists and designers to debut custom and exclusive print collections to be made available on our website for a limited time.

Commercial Opportunities: Are you a designer looking to source artwork? We are also open for commission for commercial projects at a special commercial designer rate.


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