Good news!

As many are aware, I put a pause on shipping orders out so that I could shift my focus from art to something more pressing. I saw a need for masks in our community; an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ. For one month I dedicated my time to making pocket masks with filters. These masks were then sent out to grocery store workers, gas station clerks, and many other people who work with the general public for free. Of course, I couldn’t have done it without the overwhelming community support we received.

Thanks to your help, we were able to put out over 300 reusable, durable, filtered cloth masks into our community!

As mask mandates are being dropped by our local governments, demand for masks has dramatically fallen but as not ceased. We have shifted our time and attention back to the artwork we do best, but we are still accepting orders for masks as needed. If you need a mask please fill out the contact form and let me know.

If you have placed an order or any artwork or prints in the last month, the order has now been processed.

Thank you for all of your love and support!


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